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Physician Bios

Amrit K. Chiluwal, MD

Fellowship-trained Neurological Surgeon

Dr. Amrit K. Chiluwal is a fellowship trained neurosurgeon who believes in patient-centered care. He obtained his medical degree from New York Medical College and completed his neurosurgery residency at Northwell Health. During his training, he completed an enfolded focused training in minimally invasive spine surgery and, in his final year of training, was appointed chief resident. Dr. Chiluwal underwent an additional year of fellowship training in complex cranial, cerebrovascular and complex brain tumor surgery at the prestigious Lenox Hill Hospital. His particular interest and expertise is in treating degenerative diseases of the cervical and lumbar spine, deep lesions/tumors of the brain and the skull base, cerebral bypass, aneurysms, carotid stenosis and brain arteriovenous malformations (AVMs).

Dr. Chiluwal believes that surgery should be the option of last resort. When surgery is necessary, he uses minimally invasive techniques to minimize postoperative pain and reduce recovery time. When appropriate, he also utilizes non-fusion techniques, such as artificial disc replacements, to restore range of motion and avoid spinal fusion. His emphasis on minimally invasive procedures carries over to cranial surgeries where smaller incisions, endoscopic techniques, and advanced GPS and fluorescence guided surgeries ensure that tumors deep in the brain and at the base of the skull are removed in the safest and least invasive possible manner.

Dr. Chiluwal has written book chapters and published multiple scholarly articles in prestigious neurosurgical journals. He has presented his work at national, international and regional neurosurgery conferences and is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) and the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS).

Dr. Chiluwal has volunteered neurosurgical services in different parts of the world and has collaborated with medical device companies to donate essential supplies to hospitals around the globe.

Dr. Chiluwal is fluent in Hindi, Nepali and Urdu. In his free time, he enjoys soccer, hiking, chess and traveling.


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Book Chapter:

  • Chiluwal, AK; Ullman, JS. “Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury.” Neurotrauma and Critical Care of the Brain (2nd Edition). Eds: Jack Jallo and Christopher Loftus. New York. Thieme; 2018.

Oral Presentations:

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  • NASSAU SURGICAL SOCIETY ANNUAL CONFERENCE 12/07/2016 “The Utility of Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation in Acute Hemorrhagic Shock”

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